Thoughts & Observations

The Billboard Analogy

I like to use a lot of analogies.

My staff have heard me talk about fixing leaky pipes, pushing boulders up mountains, and whatever else I can think of to help them visualize a concept.

Here’s the analogy that I use to describe the common sense approach to using social media:

Posting something in the world of social media is like posting something on a giant billboard along the busiest freeway in the world – and all of the people you know – your mom, your boss, your friends, your co-workers – all drive by it. When you’re about to post something on your social media “billboard”, think about who’s going to be driving by. If you’re o.k. with having everyone from your mom to co-workers read it, then you’re probably good to go. Unless of course you have a really weird mom and weird co-workers.

Thoughts & Observations

The One Guy Theory…and Squirrels

What started as an icky feeling towards the generally coveted “best practice” is now a full on theory of distrust towards anything that includes the words “best practice”.

I’ve always referred to it as the “I know this one guy theory” (I know this one guy who started a business on Tuesday and by Friday he had made, like, 2 million dollars!).

Seth Godin calls likens this same issue to “A Million Blind Squirrels”

Further evidence that I’m not crazy to think that best practices are, well…crazy.