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How Seth Godin Plays Pictionary

Seth Godin is really good at Pictionary. In fact, from what he says, he rarely loses (a fact also just confirmed by his son Alex).

This is how he does it:

Before the person drawing can even get their pen down to the paper, Seth starts shouting out words. He continues to shout out whatever words come to mind even when the only thing that has made it onto the paper so far is a single straight line. As the drawing takes shape, he continues with the barrage of words until he inevitably guesses correctly and wins once again.

Most people don’t play Pictionary that way. Most people hesitate because they are afraid of saying something stupid. They think, and pause, and edit. They don’t want to be judged. They’re worried they will say something crazy and everyone will laugh at them.

We all hesitate for that reason more than we think.

Try writing the words “I am afraid people will laugh at me” down on a piece of paper.

It looks a little ridiculous. Because, really, as a thing preventing us from moving forward, it kind of is.