Thoughts & Observations

The Difference Between Winning and Triumph

Winning most often requires that you beat someone else at something.

And therefore not everyone can win all the time.

There is only one person who gets the Gold.

One person who crosses the finish line first.

But everyone has opportunities to experience triumph. And I would argue that moments of triumph are even more important than moments of winning.

Moments of triumph are personal, and they are moments that we can accomplish largely through effort.

We experience a moment of triumph when we’ve never been able to run more than a few feet and we run our first mile.

We experience a moment of triumph when we get back up after we’ve fallen down and we cross the finish line, even if we come in last.

We experience a moment of triumph when we have given something our all and still aren’t sure whether it is going to work, and then it does.

Triumph, in many ways, is the healthier form of winning.