Thoughts & Observations

Addicted to Unsatisfied

In many ways we’ve become addicted to being unsatisfied.

There is a huge business built around making us believe that we don’t have enough yet, that we don’t have the right things, or the right jobs, or the best experiences.

There’s a growing social sexiness to the ultimate dissatisfaction rebellion: quitting what we’ve got to supposedly trade up.

And while I absolutely believe in recognizing when you are truly not happy and need to seek something new, I think that it is incredibly important to also recognize how much social pressure compels us to question what we have, to believe that maybe we shouldn’t be satisfied.

We get addicted to thinking that the grass is greener, but the outcome doesn’t always lead us to greener grass, it leads us to a consistent state of not being able to recognize happiness and satisfaction when it is sitting right in front of us.