Thoughts & Observations

A Second to Recognize and Celebrate

It’s easy in going about the business of our day-to-day lives to just gloss over what we accomplish, to turn it into one run-on sentence in which we move from one thing to the next without pausing to recognize that we are actually accomplishing something.

Meeting the fact that you accomplished your company’s revenue goals with a shoulder shrug or a quiet “huh, that’s cool” under your breath is not really giving full recognition to what you’ve done.

Recognizing the fact that you actually kept your New Year’s resolution of going to the gym three times a week for the last month with a quick passing glance at your check-ins doesn’t give full weight to the fact that you just changed a significant habit.

Pause and give yourself applause. Or a literal pat on the back. Or make celebratory sign that you’ll see when you brush your teeth.

It will give you that extra boost for the next big thing you want to do.