Thoughts & Observations

Without Restrictions of Money or Fear

I recently decided to sketch out what I would focus on and what experiences I would want to have if I didn’t have any constraints of money or fear.

When I was done mapping all of these potential activities, I held up my sheet of paper and surveyed it.

I expected almost all of it to be currently inaccessible, to be things I could only get to with significantly more resources or with significantly less fear.

What I found instead that was that 90% of what I wrote down was completely accessible. Right now. Or at least in the near future.  What I wrote down wouldn’t take a million dollars to accomplish. They weren’t things I needed to put on some far off bucket list to accomplish when the rest of my life duties were done. They were right there.  Just waiting for me to make them a priority.

Even when things are important to us, it’s easy for them to take a backseat. It’s easy to believe that we can’t spend the time that we want to on taking care of our physical well-being or traveling to visit friends or quenching our curiosity by taking that art class we’ve been dreaming of.

There’s maybe something safer, a bit less disruptive, about keeping those things on the “I’ll do that when…” list.

But if those the items on that list are truly important, and it’s not a lack of resources that is holding you back, then why aren’t those things happening? What is the fear?