Thoughts & Observations

Comparative Micro-Analyzing


Each day when we get up we have a new opportunity to make choices…and a chance to get ourselves wrapped up in a minute-by-minute micro-analysis of each one.

You chose to eat whole grain cereal, but with the Facebook post you just saw about how eggs are actually good for us, you start to wonder if you should have had an egg instead. Each bite of cereal then ends with a question mark about your choice.

You decide it’s a good day to clean out your pantry and refrigerator and throw away expired food, but as you’re doing it you think of the long list of other things you wanted to get done or everything you think you should be doing and then you see a friend Tweet a picture of the great mind map they just drew of what they accomplish this year and you wonder if you should have done that instead. Each item thrown away and each shelf cleaned becomes a lamentation that maybe you’re doing this wrong.

All of this comparative micro-analyzing leaves you in a place where whatever you are doing in the moment never feels like the right thing, which then guarantees that you won’t enjoy it.

Yes, there is something to be said about the fact that we only get to live this life once and our decisions matter, but what matters more is that we allow ourselves to live in our decisions long enough to give ourselves the opportunity for enjoyment, whether it ends up showing or not.