Thoughts & Observations

Seeking Comfortable Shoes


As we get older our tolerance for discomfort seems to wane.

We care less and less about how our shoes will look and care more and more about whether or not they will hurt our feet.

We cast aside itchy sweaters and too-tight pants, wondering why we ever put up with such self-imposed discomfort.

We take a jacket because we hate being cold and pack a water bottle because we hate being thirsty.

This all makes tremendous sense, and would be totally fine if our seeking of comfortable shoes didn’t also say something about our general approach to life.

When we always seek comfort, it means we will miss out on anything that has a bit of a psychological hurdle – from going out to learning something new – and it means that we’ll be less likely to do it.

It means that we convince ourselves we’re happier eating the same meal over and over again, or never traveling and seeing new parts of the world.

We seek comfort because we are losing some of our energy to deal with the uncomfortable, to fight against it or through it.

And maybe that is exactly the challenge: to stop seeing it as something we need to fight.

What if we just let it be how it is – without passing judgement on it and deciding that it is bad?

We can still put on our comfortable shoes…they should just lead us down a path to explore something new where we might encounter some discomfort along the way.