Thoughts & Observations

This Is Every Day

January 1. It is absolutely a day for fresh starts. For rethinking the way you see and interact with and approach the world.

But so is every other day.

So is ever hour, ever minute.

No matter how last year ended or this year begins or how you’re feeling two months from now, you can always make a different choice.

You can choose in an instant to be the type of person who always gets up for someone on the train who looks like they need a seat much more than you do.

You can decide on a Tuesday morning in March that you are going to be a person who meditates.

You can choose to become a runner tomorrow morning even if walking up the stairs makes you lose your breath today.

You can decide at 5:56 p.m. to respond to the person who was just rude to you with a smile, even if you’d usually come back with a frown.

None of this change requires a long list of resolutions.

It just requires that you not allow who you’ve been in the past to cast the only vote on who you’ll be in the future, and that you be aware that you can make a new choice more often than you think.