Thoughts & Observations

When It’s Unmistakably You

When I look at some of the amazing things that my friends produce – from the most recent hand-drawn newsletter made by Mathias Vestergaard that just showed up in my inbox, to the thoughtful blog posts and videos by Ishita Gupta that always get to the heart of what holds so many of us back, I’m struck by their intelligence and their generosity of course, but also by something else, something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until now.

And it is this: their words and their work feel like them. They are unmistakably them. If anyone else tried to step in and do exactly what they do, it wouldn’t feel quite right, something would be a bit off.

The power of finding that authentic space from which to create is exponentially more powerful than working from a space outside of the realm of what is truly you.