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Who Am I to Give Advice?

I was recently asked to share the story of my professional growth and development – how I got started in my career and what advice I have for young women entering the workforce.

As I was being interviewed, I couldn’t help but start feeling a little bit self-conscious about the fact that I was giving advice. Who was I to give advice? I’m not famous or rich or a best-selling author or someone who’s changed the world.

As I thought about that feeling later, I realized that we’re all qualified to give advice, especially when that advice comes in the form of a story and not a mandate. We all help each other when we tell each other the stories of our experience. You story helps me see mine from a different perspective, and mine might help you solve a problem for which you hadn’t been able to find the answer.

Giving advice doesn’t require any expertise on anything other than your own life, and we are all capable of telling that story.

If you’ve been holding back sharing what you’ve experienced or learned for fear that people will discover that you’re not a real “expert”, then we’re all missing out.

One thought on “Who Am I to Give Advice?

  1. I stumbled onto your blog by falling through the rabbit-hole of the internet & I’m so glad that I did. This entry is just what I needed today – THANK YOU!

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